Lets talk performance Products by S.Cohen & Leo Chevalier Designs two of Canada’s imminent designers available at The Abbey

Classically Designed with a One Two Punch by S.Cohen & Leo Chevalier Designs.

We all live extremely busy lives, between work and family, it is hard to get a balance in ones life. With these high performance products we are working to help in our own little way with less trips to the dry cleaners and less time running your iron on those shirts while you watch your favorite TV show or being Canadian, hockey games.

So lets start off with S.Cohens performance products. S.Cohen make a wide range of tailored “Canadian Made” products from Suits, Sport Jackets, Blazers & Trousers for men that can be found on our web site or in our store.

We thought we’d share with you what it is you get when you wear an S.Cohen High Performance Suit.

Performa Stretch Waistband

The exclusive S.Cohen Performa Stretch comfort waistband is a unique combination of components and construction which provide up to 2″ of stretch in the waist.


Stretch-Guard panels made of exclusive stretch knit fabric are sewn into the lining of the garment to provide extraordinary comfort.

Natural Stretch Crease Resistant Fabric

The high performance collection is made from an exclusive high twist, pure new wool, natural stretch, crease resistant fabric.

Stain Resistance

S.Cohen’s high performance collection is specially protected with a unique stain resistor.

We think our high performance suits pack a pretty good punch for the those times when you need your suit to perform….and for those times when you want to perform in your suit.




Lets Talk Leo Chevalier Designs. Leo Chevalier Design has a wide range of High Performance “No Iron” products in their line from Dress Shirts to Sport Shirts.

I can only speak for my self and my customers that use our products in a heavy rotation, weekly washes.

I have had one of these Dress Shirts for more than three years now and it gets washed once a week and is still performing. It is in my weekly rotation. That would be approximately 156 washes and still performing.

100% Cotton, No Iron, by Leo Chevalier Design,  The Best, “No Iron” Shirts in the market today.

Quite simply, WASH & DRY and you have a perfect shirt ready to wear. This is the best High Performance shirt on the market. No more wasting time running to the dry cleaners or spending your evenings ironing you dress shirts with these High Performance Shirts by Leo Chevalier Designs.

,Contemporary Fit Shirt

,High Performance Shirt

What a Great One Two Punch by two of Canada’s leading companies. Leo Chevalier Designs and S. Cohen.



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