Leamington, Wheatley & Kingsville Residents

At The Abbey We Prize Comfort And Superior Men's Clothing Over Throw-Away Fashion's.

We thought it was time to write a blog post strictly for our local audiences in Leamington, Wheatley & Kingsville.

Did you know that The Abbey collection has one of the best reward programs in the men’s wear industry in North America?

Here is a sampling of 7 of our rewards for you:

1. Create an account 200 Points
2. Make a purchase 15 Points Per $1.00 That is 15% Reward Points That Can Be Used On Your Next Purchase:)
3. Refer A Friend 500 Points
4. Visit our Facebook page 25 Points
5. Follow us on Twitter 25 Points
6. Retweet Us 25 Points
7. Tweet About Us 25 Points

These reward points can be redeemed on Regular Priced and Sale Priced Items!

Click the “Earn Rewards Icon” on our site for details.

The other great program we run for our customers is click it and pick it up at the store.
If you live close to the store and are looking for that personal service make your purchase on-line and pick it up from our store in Leamington. If you use this service there is no shipping charged to you for your purchase! Simply click pickup at the store at checkout. “Huge on-line selection with personal service”!

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The Myth’s Of Fit, Quality and Security, On-Line Shopping at The Abbey Collection.

Lets look at the myth of fit: We have sizing charts on most of our items up on our site. Please refer to them and if you have any questions while you are browsing our site or feel free to click on Message Us icon at the bottom left of your screen or E-Mail Us or feel free to call us at 519-326-8212 during store hours, we will promptly answer your questions. We also check all orders to make sure they fit your profile for size, cut and style. If we see something that appears a little off we will contact you to confirm your order, either by e-mail or a phone call.

At The Abbey Collection We Are More Than Just A Men's Clothing Store. We are Fitting Technology To meet Our Customers Wishes.

Lets look at the myth of quality:
We thought we would put this question up from one of our customers.
From Our Customers:

We have been asked this question. How do you control the quality of the products going to your customers who purchase On-Line?

The answer is quite simple. At The Abbey we review the entire supply chain of the vendor. When we are looking to add new products to our line up, whether it be a new product from an existing vendor or a new product from new vendors, we purchase samples and try them on ourselves first, then put the product in our store and try it out on our existing customers. Only once we have completed a full review of the product will we place it on our on-line store. Did you notice we did not mention price? At The Abbey we take a balanced approach to reviewing our products and at The Abbey we are not in the market to chase the cheap.

In partnership with quality vendors we all stand behind our products!

Lets look at the myth of security:
At The Abbey Collection we take your security seriously. If you would like to review our security credentials please feel free to click on the icons at the bottom right of the screen.

PCI level 1 certified
The Abbey Collection is certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant, the highest level of security certification.
This certificate signifies our compliance with standards for security policies, technologies and ongoing processes that protect our payment system from breaches and theft of cardholder data

SSL Certificate
The Abbey Collection uses a 256-bit SSL certificate to establish a secure encrypted connection between your computer and our service. This connection protects your sensitive data.

All pages, content, credit card, and transaction information is protected by the same level of security used by banks.

So with all these great rewards, huge selection, personal service with a highly secure store, are you ready to start shopping, Leamington, Wheatley & Kingsville?
Click Here And Lets Start shopping for your high quality men’s wear with one of the best reward programs on the market with confidence that the product you purchase will be what you ordered with the same security as doing your on-line banking.

Myths Busted by The Abbey Collection


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Cheers from David at The Abbey

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