The 3 P’s of The Abbey


People: Over the past 46 years in the fashion industry we have had the opportunity to meet some very special people and have built a team that we are proud of. From Vendors around the world to craftsmen in the tailoring industry to all the students that help out with all the marketing, they all have the same mindset, Service, Service & More Service.

Over the years, one thing has been synonymous with our family run business, service every customer the same, weather they are only buying a pair of socks or a complete wardrobe.

Process: Wow how this has changed over the past 46 years, from driving in a 1968 Newport to Toronto to get our inventory for the week to On-Line meetings purchasing product for our store. When we started fax machines where just coming out and now most don’t even no what a fax is. At The Abbey we have develop three ways to interact with our customers, through personal service in the store, Personal service through our On-Line store and our social media interactions. Always with one thing in mind, Service, Service, Service.


Products: We are so lucky to be able to purchase products from vendors with such a long standing reputation in the fashion industry, Products like Viyella who can follow their roots back to 1784, Trabaldo Togna roots are from 1840, Marzotto roots can be traced back to 1836 and many more. We pride our selves in sourcing quality-designed garments from long standing manufactures in the fashion industry at reasonable prices. At The Abbey we prize comfort and superior men’s clothing over through away fashions.


Feel free to stop by the store, visit us at our Web Site: or follow us on Facebook & Twitter and don’t forget to take advantage of our great rewards programs on our web site.


Cheers from all of us at The Abbey

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