We like to put a little authenticity into our products

We like to put a little authenticity into our products

Hi Jean

 Below is a review from one of our customers that I would like to respond to in public.

I purchased 4 Viyella 100% cotton short sleeve shirts … Finally, 100% cotton shirts rather than plastic as in most stores. I like the colors and patterns and the tailoring for grown men rather than for teenagers. The cotton fabric is civily described as light cotton, an euphemism for very low thread count. The shirts are made in India; tails feature a stitched symbol in the form of a large ugly black bug. I suggest that Viyella think twice about using their brand on foreing products; for me this is a turn off and was thinking of returning them but as I am going to wear them to play with my grand children at parks and cottage, well it’s ok

Let’s start off with the so-called bug.

It is an embroidered Elk Head. That would be the Viyella Logo.

Do you see the similarity here?

Now in regard, to the shirts coming out of India.

Madras is a lightweight, cotton fabric with plaid, striped or checkered pattern. It's made with semi-permanent vegetable dyes known for bleeding to give it the soft, muted colors for which it's known. Originally, madras fabric came from the region of Madras, India.


Just like a good bottle of Bordeaux wine. A true Bordeaux wine is any wine produced in the Bordeaux region of southwest France, A true Madras shirt comes from India.


In regards to Viyella using a foreign vendor. Viyella is a multinational brand founded in England and made around the world in keeping with the founder’s tradition for decades.


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