What A Humbling & Exhilarating Trip It Has Been

What A Humbling & Exhilarating Cyber Trip It Has Been Over The Past Year

I would like to start off by thanking all of our Customers that have supported us On-line over the past year. If it was not for your honest guidance to me, we would not have even started this journey together, we owe you all a debit of gratitude.

To all of our team, Vendors, Software Developers, App Suppliers we are growing together into the next realm of retailing.

All of you folks push us to look outside the box for answers, to stretch our minds and to push into uncharted territory as we all, Customers and Team Members move forward on this journey together.

Retail sure has changed from watching my dad when I was in grade three back in the 70's to where we all find our selves today. 
Some days are humbling and some are out right exhilarating but we would not want to have it any other way.

Thank You all for your guidance today and going into the future. Embrace Change.

Best Regards
David Foster
The Abbey




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