Paris Glove

Welcome To Our Paris Glove Collection

Founded in 1945 by Felix and Lily Monk, Czech immigrants who arrived in Canada in 1939 to escape the darkness that was surrounding Europe and join a glove company being run by Lily’s uncle in Prescott Ontario.  Glove making has a long history in Lily’s family dating back to the years preceding the First World War when relatives operated glove factories in what was then the Austro-Hungarian Empire and post-war became Czechoslovakia. Other family members’ opened a glove factory in Grenoble France, then the home of the best glove makers in Europe. In fact, in 1935 Lily was on her way from Pilsen in Czechoslovakia to Grenoble to start her first job in the glove business when she met her future husband Felix, who was writing fashion updates for eastern European clients from the haute couture capital of the world, Paris.

The Company’s long history in the glove business makes it unique in Canada as one of the few early glove makers continuing to prosper in North America. 

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