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Leo Chevalier Design, Dress Shirt, 100% Cotton, Dress Shirt, Contemporary Fit "NO IRON", by Leo Chevalier - The Abbey Collection

Leo Chevalier Design

100% Cotton, Dress Shirt, Contemporary Fit "NO IRON", by Leo Chevalier

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100% Cotton, No Iron, Dress Shirt by Leo Chevalier Design,

 The Best 100% Cotton "No Iron" Dress Shirt on the market today is just one click away from being delivered to your doorstep. Zoom in and checkout the details on this Long sleeve, Spread collar, removable stays, contrast trim dress shirt, they are impeccable!

Quite simply, WASH & DRY and you have a perfect shirt ready to wear. This is the best High Performance Sport Shirt on the market. No more wasting time running to the dry cleaners or spending your evenings ironing you shirts with this 100% Cotton No Iron High Performance Sport Shirt by Leo Chevalier Designs.

Contemporary Fit Shirt

High Performance Shirt

Low Maintenance Shirt

Also available in Tall Fit upon request

Blue Label by Leo Chevalier

Starting his career as a window dresser in Montreal, Leo Chevalier became a trailblazer in Canadian fashion, challenging the established Montreal garment industry. He presented his first collection in 1963 and opened his own haute couture fashion house in 1967. Leo Chevalier was the first designer ever to receive the Order of Canada and helped design Air Canada’s 1972 in-flight uniforms. He was one of only a handful of Canadian designers and help put Canadian fashion on the map. In 1992 Leo Chevalier was awarded the “Griffe D’or” Prix Hommage for his longevity and contributions to the Quebec and Canadian fashion industry.