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Welcome home to your Traditional Viyella Collection

The Viyella brand was established in 1784 and has been a main stay of mens fashions ever since. At The Abbey we carry a broad selection of this quintessential brand in our store, from the main stay of the long sleeve Viyella shirts in a 80% Cotton and 20% Merino Wool to our high performance 100% Cotton Non Iron in long and short sleeve Viyella shirts. Along with this we also carry a large selection of sweaters and scarves.

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In The Beginning

In The Beginning. I look at this photo from back in the 70's and it makes me  smile looking at my mom and dads start to their journey into the fashion industry. I lived all the hard work they put into their stores and lived the joys they received from all of their great customers and staff over the decades. Even today 49 years later the staff and customers still put a smile on our families faced with their accomplishments. How things have changed but still remain the same. Service and creativity were always and will always be key. I guess I cut my chops in these places growing up and set me on a path as an entrepreneur.  ...

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Change Is Not Scary…..........It Is Exhilarating !!!!!!!

Well its that time of the season to open up the project ideas file (The Lesson Tree) and take a look at what we can do for the upcoming fall winter season going forward. Before I start I have to say that this season I have had the opportunity to have some great dialogue with some awesome folks that have really help me keep my creative juices running. Thank You The interesting thing as I look forward into the future I really have to say Thank You to the folks that took the time to teach me and ground me back in the 80’s. It is really neat to look how Deming’s Principles have evolved since my first training back...

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Leo Chevaliers Style Performance Convenience

Starting his career as a window dresser in Montreal, Leo Chevalier became a trailblazer in Canadian fashion, challenging the established Montreal garment industry. He presented his first collection in 1963 and opened his own haute couture fashion house in 1967. Leo Chevalier was the first designer ever to receive the Order of Canada and helped design Air Canada’s 1972 in-flight uniforms. He was one of only a handful of Canadian designers to help put Canadian fashion on the map. In 1992 Leo Chevalier was awarded the “Griffe D’or” Prix Hommage for his longevity and contributions to the Quebec and Canadian fashion industry  Today the Leo Chevalier brand has remained true to Leo’s original vision and presents men with full sportswear...

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