About The Abbey Mens Clothing Stores

Welcome to The Abbey, where our journey began in 1970 in the quaint town of Leamington, Ontario, Canada. Founded by Fred Foster, our family-owned business quickly became a local favorite, serving the community with dedication and passion. Over the years, Fred expanded The Abbey, establishing multiple locations in Leamington and Chatham, nurturing a reputation for quality and exceptional service.


In 2014, Fred's son, David Foster, reignited The Abbey brand after a successful career in architectural and structural design spanning over two decades. With a deep-rooted connection to the clothing industry since the 1970s, David brought a unique blend of design expertise and a commitment to timeless style.

As time marches on, our dedication to excellence remains unwavering. What started as a small venture in a small town has evolved into a global enterprise, yet our core values remain intact. At The Abbey, we prioritize personal customer service, a value instilled by Fred and upheld by David.

Today, David proudly leads The Abbey into the forefront of the men's fashion industry. With a curated selection from Canada's leading designers and a focus on comfort and quality, we defy the trends of throw-away fashion. Whether you're seeking a casual ensemble or a sophisticated look, The Abbey and David Foster are here to meet your fashion needs with integrity and style.