About The Abbey Mens Clothing Stores

In The Beginning (1970)

This is where Mom and Dad's journey started in 1970 in the small town of Leamington Ontario Canada.
Fast forward 52 years and we are still moving mom and dad's dreams and values forward.
We are today, still a family-owned and operated business but with a global reach. 
Though the way we service our customers may be different, the core value of personal customer service given to me by my parents still propels us forward today.

The Abbey was established in Leamington Ontario in 1972 by my dad Fred Foster who ran multiple locations in Leamington & Chatham for 20 Plus Years before he sold the business.

His son, David Foster re-established The Abbey brand in 2014 after a 25-year career in residential, Institutional & commercial architectural & structural design and has been in and around the clothing industry since the 1970s.

How time goes by, the boss on the right and David on the left is sporting a Grampa Shirt by Applebee Shirts from Toronto.

Fast forward 47 years and David is sporting a Suit and a Dress Shirt by Canada's leading designers. 

David is proud to bring The Abbey brand back to the forefront of the Men’s Fashion industry with our well-established vendors and apply his design knowledge to your fashion needs.

The Abbey & David Foster prize comfort and superior men's clothing over throw-away fashion.