FAQ at The Abbey Collection

Question: Searching for blue label

Our Blue label shirts by Leo Chevalier Design can also be searched and viewed under Conteorary Fit.

I would also like to take this opportunity to point out our “Adjusted Fit”. This is a little trimmer fit shirt than the Contemporary fit shirt.

Link to Leo Chevalier Dress Shirt Page

Please see below.


Question: Looking for style 427145

Here you go. Happy Shopping 427145


Question: What is 16H

16H is the half sizes on our dress shirts. 16H = 16 1/2

Any time you see a "H" in our sizing it represents the 1/2 neck size for our shirts.


  1. 14H=14 1/2 Neck Size
  2. 15H=15 1/2 Neck Size
  3. 16H=16 1/2 Neck Size
  4. 17H=17 1/2 Neck Size
  5. 18H=18 1/2 Neck Size

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