Our History at The Abbey

Our History at The Abbey

The Abbey was established in Leamington Ontario in 1972 by Fred Foster who ran multiple locations in Leamington & Chatham for 20 Plus Years before he sold the business.

His son, David Foster re-established The Abbey brand in 2014 after 25 year career in residential, Institutional & commercial architectural & structural design and has been in and around the clothing industry since 1970's.

How time goes by, the boss on the right and David on the left is sporting a Grampa Shirt by Apple Bee Shirts from Toronto.

Fast forward 46 years and David is sporting a Suit by S.Cohen and a Shirt by Leo Chevalier Designs. 

David is proud to bring The Abbey brand back to the forefront of the Men’s Fashion industry with our well-established vendors and applying his design knowledge to your fashion needs.

The Abbey & David Foster prizes comfort and superior men's clothing over throw-away fashion.

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