More Apps added to The Abbey Collection

More Apps added to The Abbey Collection

We are proud at The Abbey to announce, “more updates” to make your On-Line shopping experience even more pleasurable with the launch of more new Apps.


We have launched our new customer Loyalty Program & Referral Program App that you can explorer on the bottom right hand corner of our On-Line store. What perks will you receive for becoming a member?


Create Account: Earn points for creating a account. Once you have setup an account you can start using the following Apps.

Referral Program: Earn points for refering a friend. Your friend will get a 10% off coupon that they can use a time of purchase.

Points For Purchases: Earn points when you make a purchase.

New Facebook Page Visit: Earn points for Visiting our Facebook Page.

New Twitter Follow: Earn points for following us on Twitter.


At The Abbey we will be rolling out more Apps in the future.Stay Tuned.

Cheers, David Foster, The Abbey
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