Core Values at The Abbey

Core Values at The Abbey

The Abbey and Foster Family Core Values

To Start Off With, At The Abbey We Prize Comfort And Superior Men's Clothing Over Throw-Away Fashion's.

Our Values:

 •Authenticity-We are not playing something we are not. We are always striving to be true to our selves

•Achievement-At The Abbey we put a special effort in for each and every customer.

•Balance-At The Abbey we take a balance approach in working with all customers. That is why when you shop with us your will not be pushed to buy something.

•Compassion-Quite simple, all of your product that do not pass our quality standard are given the the less fortunate. We do not give it to charity to sell, we give it to the less fortunate on our streets directly.

•Community-We are always committed to our community in moving it forward.

•Determination-At The Abbey we have a long history in the fashion industry and the values and the determination of our for fathers is still prevalent today.

•Fairness-At The Abbey we treat all customers the same. As a child of the 60's I guess we must be color blind.

•Loyalty-At The Abbey we are always striving to be Loyal to our customers and vendors. In today's economy that can quite challenging, it is what drives a lot of our decisions going forward.

•Openness-At The Abbey we are quite open with our customers. If something does not look good on you, we will tell you. Its not about the buck, its about how the clothing looks on you and makes you feel.

•Self-Respect-This is a very important value for us. We always strive to live our lives buy one golden rule. To Thine Own Self Be True!

•Spirituality-Because we are always pushing forward in a ever changing industry you will always hit a point where you have to believe there is something that is guiding us forward. (I don,t no where I am going but I sure not lost!) Also a good book:)

•Wisdom-Comes from striving to apply all of the above.

Every Garment we sell has this attached to it. We are more than just a clothing store.We are family.

Best Regards,

David Foster

The Abbey

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