Earn Point For Purchases Redeem Points For Savings

Earn Point For Purchases Redeem Points For Savings

Here is an example of how this can help your men’s clothing budget.

Here is one of our 100% Cotton “NO IRON” Sport Shirt by Leo Chevalier Design

Regular Price: $139.00

Sale Price: $89.00

Earn 10 points for every Dollar spent. If you purchased this sport shirt you would earn 890 points which equals $8.90 that could be used on your next purchase That is 10% in Points.

Even if it is on sale you get point for your next purchase!

  • Regular price $139.00= 1390 points = $13.90 to be used on future purchases.

  • Sale price $89.00 = 890 points = $8.90 to be used on future purchase.

Points apply to all items at The Abbey Collection. Points can be redeemed in the future on "Regular Priced" and "Sales Items".

Personal story of how we use points at other stores.

In our family we use points alot for purchases. Its nice to be able to build up those points and use them in the future for special occasions like Christmas, Birthdays or Special Events.

Simply click on this link & Sign up and take advantage of our rewards program

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