In The Beginning

In The Beginning

In The Beginning. I look at this photo from back in the 70's and it makes me 

smile looking at my mom and dads start to their journey into the fashion industry. I lived all the hard work they put into their stores and lived the joys they received from all of their great customers and staff over the decades. Even today 49 years later the staff and customers still put a smile on our families faced with their accomplishments. How things have changed but still remain the same. Service and creativity were always and will always be key. I guess I cut my chops in these places growing up and set me on a path as an entrepreneur.


To think that back in the day my folks had enough insight to watch star trek with me and pose the question, wouldn’t be nice if we could scan our customers to get the perfect fit? “Beam My Clothes Up Scotty". Fast-forward 2019 and we are almost there. Who would think that a little store in a small town in Leamington Ontario Canada would today have a global reach with great system developers from around the world, great suppliers who embrace technology and great customers across North America? Who would think that my path that started in grade seven, Mill Street School through technology over the years would bring me right back to the beginning?




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Nice tribute to your Mom & Dad!

Carolyn Reid

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