Why We Decorate Our Store & Windows For Christmas

Why do we decorate our Store & Windows for Christmas at The Abbey?

Joy, Memories, Hopes & Dreams, Pride & Humbleness

Joy on the faces of our customers when they purchase an item to give for a gift fills our hearts with joy.

Memories of the good feeling we get in helping our friends make that special purchase for the ones they love.

Hopes & Dreams for the person that they are giving the gift to, the good feelings from past memories and the hope for the future.

Pride in knowing that our family at The Abbey have brought to Christmas our best for the season.

Humbleness in knowing that our family at The Abbey is going to have one of our pieces given to someone as a gift, that is humbling.

This is why our family at The Abbey decorates our store for this special occasion Christmas.

Come in and experience a true Christmas feeling at The Abbey.

Melding old school service and charm with today’s technology- The Abbey family.



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